🐱‍👓 Introduction

How does Gitoqlik work?

This knowledge base aims to make it easier for people to understand how to use Gitoqlik in their development process.

Gitoqlik - easy-to-use tool for version control and collaborative developers work in Qlik Sense. It integrates your Qlik Sense app with git repository through GitHub, Gitlab, BitBucket APIs without any third-party servers between.

How does it works?

Gitoqlik connect to your app by Qlik Engine API with user identity and serialize application objects to json and deserialize them back.

Special thanks for Alexander (Karlsson) Thor and his inspiring sperialzeapp

Supported objects:

  1. story

  2. sheet

  3. measure

  4. dimension

  5. masterobject

  6. snapshot

  7. variable

  8. bookmark

  9. appprops

  10. fields

Supported browsers:

  1. EDGE (chromioum based)

  2. Chrome

How to install gitoqlik?

  1. Join us in Slack.

  2. You could install gitoqlik from Chrome Web Store.

Do you have the roadmap?

Yes. You could see it there - https://github.com/orgs/gitoqlok/projects/1