Create a git-repository and commits in Qlik Sense
Learn how to start controlling version of your application in Qlik Sense with Gitoqlik.
To create a repository you need to open your Qlik Sense application and go to the Gitoqlik.
Gitoqlik popup window
There are two types of repository: 1. Private - the repository will be visible only for you by default. 2. Public - the repository will be visible for everyone by default.
Each new repository will be one of them, depends on your selection.
Also, you could select your organization on the settings page. Your organization will own every repository by default.
Specify the repository name and make the first commit. Each commit must have comment (short description of your part of work that you are going to save in repository)
Gitoqlik link repository with application in Qlik Sense by application ID. You could see that in the description of a repository.
Please, don't change the description of your repository
You could commit the load script and app objects.
Commit objects
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